Elementor #132


Our core product is an inter-row guidance system that allows implements to automatically align themselves with crop rows. These implements may carry a variety of tools for a range of purposes, but simple inter-row cultivation is the most popular. The product is very flexible and can be configured accommodate a wide variety of implement geometries including side shifted, disc steered, DynaTrac, mounted and towed implements. Additional cameras can be added to view more rows and multiple independently steered sections can be fitted to one implement to facilitate higher work rates spanning multiple planter bouts. 

The system is modular so that additional functionality such as levelling, in-row weeding and spot spraying can be added with the appropriate choice of components. This is achieved by plugging in an array of circuit boards into our systems CAN bus. Boards are available to switch valves on and off (for spot spraying), control proportional valves (for hydraulic in-row rotors) control electric motors (for electric in-row rotors) and receive information from a variety of sensors (for condition monitoring etc). 


CMOS Ethernet cameras with high dynamic range for robust performance in high contrast lighting.  Packaged in an aluminium waterproof case, they are designed to withstand the agricultural environment.

A showerproof compact console with bright high contrast 9” touchscreen and single cable connection for a clutter free cab and clear information presentation including live video.

A waterproof robust implement mounted control module with individual connectors to all sensors and outputs for simple installation and maintenance.

We also design and manufacture a wide range circuit boards that can be incorporated into customers products to perform specific functions. They connect via our CAN bus and include:


We also manufacture our own spot spraying nozzle assembly that provides the small very well-defined spray pattern required for this application.


These video tutorials are intended to assist end users and our machinery manufacturing customers with setting up and using our technology.  We currently only cover some of the more common requirements, but we intend to add new videos covering new topics as well as keeping users up to date with product updates

An introduction to inter row guidance

Vision guidance system camera setup

Service Tools