Max Routledge’s Firkov Du Rouet

I brought Firkov du Rouet from Cheryl and Rachel Lamb as a 3yr. He had a great start with them and has been everything we could have wished for and more. Now he is 7yrs and is competing successfully at 1.45 level.

I would definitely recommend Rachel and Cheryl Lamb to anyone looking for a young talented sports horse.

Here are some more examples of horses sold, which have reached great heights.


This stunning stallion won many prizes at high profile competitions throughout the world, including Wellington, Olympia, Abu Dhabi, Verona, Lyon and Helsinki.


The picture below is Nike with Katrina Offel, both finalist at the Olympic Games in Athens, 2nd in the Grand Prix of Valkenswaard and 3rd in the Grand Prix of Arezzo.

The gelding is now ridden for Brazil by Alvaro Miranda.